Bazaar at Oriental Festival Denmark

Book a bazaar stall for the Sunday's show – with a bazaar you have the opportunity to sell costumes and accessories for oriental dancing

You book your stall by sending an email to

We need information about which stall you prefer, the name of the stall and what you are going to sell.

Bazar stall prices

Small bazar

2 tables 250kr*

Large bazar

5 tables 500kr*

*the price is incl. entrance ticket for Sunday's show


Collaborative bazaar

The collaborative bazaar is for you who would like to get rid of the one costume you have left in the closet, the CD’s you no longer listen to or … the possibilities are many.

At this stall you pay per thing you want to sell – MAXIMUM 10 items per person!

Prices: 5kr for small stuff & 10kr for a costume

All sale takes place at own risk. Please read the following guide for sales and purchases in the collaborative bazaar.

For you as a seller

Lay your things neatly - make sure there is room for the others as well

Put your name / phone number on your stuff

Have your mobile on you (on SILENCE!) So those who want to buy your stuff can get in touch with you

After the show, you can pick up your stuff

All sales take place at your own risk

For you as a buyer

Remember that things for sale are other people's private property. Treat them with respect.

If interested, send the seller a text message and if possible, make an agreement about sale or fitting

If you have tried something on, then put things back neatly where you took it and inform the seller